Thursday, July 5, 2012

Escape from Douchebaggery, Part 22: The Lady Silvia

The Lady Silvia is the latest piece of evidence in the increasingly strong case being made for Tony Hsieh's vision of the future of Downtown Las Vegas. While Hsieh's mad-scientist plans to use his personal fortune to turn a desolate neighborhood North of the Las Vegas Strip into a thriving, artistic, creative, and cohesive community seemed like madness just a few years ago, the existence and success of businesses like The Lady Silvia, an artsy speakeasy with a sexily bookish vibe, prove that Hsieh's vision is slowly but surely becoming a reality. But I've sung the praises of the online shoe sales magnate enough on this blog... this post is about why The Lady Silvia in specific is such a vibrant and cool place to get your drink on in Sin City.

The Speakeasy style bar has a nondescript entrance that can make it hard to find, but it's worth the initial annoyance of figuring out exactly where the eff it is for the dramatic moment you'll experience once you enter the low lit beauty. The Lady Silvia's stunning interior design is based on Prague's Strahov Monastery Library and decorated with tall bookcases stacked high with leather-bound tomes. Paintings by local artists hang on the black walls, while original murals scrawled with graffiti hang from the ceiling. The black and white checkerboard flooring and the colorful leather and velvet furniture add to the unique atmosphere of the bar. While this might make The Lady Silvia sound a bit pretentious, the vibe of the bar is anything but as the place has a warm atmosphere that's much more inviting than some of the snootier hipster bars in L.A's Silverlake neighborhood.

On most nights, you can find a DJ spinning a smartly selected playlist at a comfortable volume that actually makes it possible to have a conversation with your friends while you drink. Cooler still, The Lady Silvia offers a Jazz Happy Hour from 6:00- 9:00 PM every Friday, with happy hour prices on all drinks and bottle service while local Sax wizard Tommy Thompson blows some killer live tunes.

The bartenders serve up a great selection of simple yet perfectly mixed cocktails, while stocking a great selection of interesting Beers and Wines. The Lady Silvia, as is standard with any classy Las Vegas lounge, does offer bottle service in which you can reserve seats as the staff brings you overpriced bottles of liquor. But like everything else in Dowtown, their version of bottle service is more relaxed and less show-offy than what you'll experience (of if you're as broke as I am, watch rich people experience) in clubs like Tryst or Marquee on The Strip, where the VIP status of the haves is flaunted in the face of the 99%.

Located inside the Soho Lofts, a building filled with condos occupied by artsy types and Zappos employees (which boasts fantastic views of The Strip from a very cool rooftop pool deck), the bar has become a popular watering hole in the increasingly busy neighborhood.The Lady Silvia is short walking distance of other newish Downtown hipster bars like Artifice, Bar + Bistro, The Griffin, and The Downtown Cocktail Room, making it a key stop for an epic Downtown bar crawl, and the place always has something interesting up its sleeves during the First Frdiays Art Walk event. The unique approach that the owners of The Lady Silvia took in crafting their bar makes it stand out as a place worth visiting while simultaneously fitting in perfectly with the artsy, progressive, and youthful vibe that the neighborhood has cultivated. It's just the latest example of a business that is helping Downtown come together as a cohesive and exciting community built by and for locals. Plus The Lady Silvia's old-world library vibe makes it the perfect spot to tell ghost stories while you enjoy a classic cocktail and some excellent music.

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