Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Green Is The New Cool: Can A Resort With A Light Bright Enough To Be Seen From Space Also Be Sustainable?

So I just noticed that The Luxor Hotel Las Vegas is going green... or at least they're claiming to be doing so in their marketing. The Egyptian themed resort is promoting their environmental efforts on their website and has even started unironically referring to "Green Team at Luxor." Will the resort, which, let's not forget, boasts a light so bright that it can be seen from space, be able to live up to their lofty goals of sustainability? With every place from Sin City's luxury hotels to the old Vegas discount casinos going green, is environmentalism just the latest Vegas marketing gimmick (like "no resort fees" or those silly day-life parties that all take place at oh-so-un-green Vegas pools) or are casino owners serious about trying to preserve mother-Earth?

In the end, I'm trying not to be too cynical about the whole thing. Marketing gimmick or not, this trend, started by CityCenter's commitment to sustainability, is more positive than finding new time periods for co-eds to get TOTALLY TOASTED OUT OF THEIR MINDS, BRO (I mean, they're trying to make "The Blue Hour," a thing there). Is it marketplace driven? Sure, but that's the only way things can change for the good or the bad in this country, and especially in Las Vegas of all places.

The real question is: do they make CFLs bright enough that they can be seen from space?

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