Monday, October 18, 2010

What I'm All About

So I live (and blog and Tweet) in Silver Lake, mecca of the hipsteratti. I own a closet-full of fitted-plaid shirts, sport horn-rimmed glasses, attend many a show at Spaceland, and have caught myself speaking the phrase "their first album was better."

But, Grilled Cheesus help me (I don't watch Glee but I'm told by the internet that this is a relevant cultural reference), I love Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas in all its cheesy stupid glory. It's the most American of American cities, a mixture of aspirational dreaming, over-spending, waste of resources, and stupid cheese... but it's also a blast, a place that I visit multiple times every year and find new ways and corners to enjoy. So will you join me on my journey into the hall of mirrors that is Sin City, America?

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